Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ghana

  ghana—of clouds    SB 3.30.1, SB 4.10.16
  ghana—of dense clouds    SB 4.10.23
  ghana—heavy.    Adi 11.30
  ghana—the cloud    Antya 18.86

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ghana

  ghana gharma—much perspiration    Madhya 13.203
  ghana-anikam—bunches of clouds    SB 2.10.43
  ghana-cchadah—situated behind a cover of clouds    SB 7.8.26
  ghana-chadah—behind the clouds    SB 10.12.29
  ghana-syamam—deeply bluish    SB 4.8.47
  ghana-syamam—densely cloudy    SB 4.24.45-46
  ghana-syamah—whose bodily hue was intense blue-black    SB 6.4.35-39
  ghana-syamah—as having a complexion resembling bluish rainclouds    SB 10.13.46
  ghana-dugdha—condensed milk    Madhya 15.217
  ghana-dugdha-pura—like condensed milk    Madhya 8.304
  ghana-dyutih—lightninglike effulgence    Antya 1.142
  ghana-ruk—of black color    SB 4.5.3
  ghana-avalih—the clouds    SB 4.24.65
  ghana-avalih—a line of clouds.    SB 1.9.14
  ghana-avarta-dugdha—finely condensed milk    Madhya 3.53
  ghana-avrta—condensed    Antya 6.58
  ghane ghana—repeatedly    Madhya 12.160
  nava-ghana—a newly formed cloud    Antya 15.64
  nava-ghana—of new clouds    Antya 17.41
  nava-ghana—new cloud    Antya 18.86
  pranaya-ghana—of the concentrated loving affairs    Antya 1.128
  sa-ghana—constant    Antya 10.72
  sa-ghana hunkara—a sound like that of a cloud.    Antya 2.19
  sukha-ghana-murtau—form of complete happiness    Madhya 24.128