Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: geha

  geha—home    SB 4.7.28, Adi 13.81
  geha—with the home    SB 5.5.10-13
  geha—of household life    Madhya 8.93

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: geha

  durjaya-geha-srnkhalah—the chains of household life, which are difficult to overcome    Adi 4.180, Antya 7.44
  geha-adhyasat—from the bondage of family life    Madhya 19.120
  geha-patim—a householder    SB 7.9.40
  geha-ratim—family affection    SB 3.5.11
  pitr-geha-kautukam—the festival in the house of her father    SB 4.3.13
  sva-geha-damani—all the ropes available in the household    SB 10.9.17