Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gaude

  gauḍe—in Bengal    Adi 10.149, Madhya 15.218, Madhya 19.9, Madhya 20.3, Madhya 25.187, Madhya 25.189, Antya 2.15, Antya 2.44, Antya 3.148, Antya 4.214 (and more...)
  gauḍe—to Bengal    Adi 10.117, Adi 11.14-15, Madhya 1.262, Madhya 10.70, Madhya 10.74, Antya 1.13, Antya 1.93, Antya 1.214, Antya 4.3
  gauḍe—in the land of Gauḍa    Adi 1.102
  gauḍe calilā—returned to Bengal    Madhya 16.76
  gauḍe gelā—has gone to Bengal    Antya 4.26
  gauḍe gelā—returned to Bengal    Antya 6.248
  gauḍe rahi—staying in Bengal    Madhya 16.64
  gauḍe rahi—living in Bengal    Antya 3.191
  gauḍe rahite—to stay in Bengal    Antya 10.5
  gauḍe yāba—I shall go to Bengal    Madhya 9.170
  gauḍe yāite—returning to Bengal    Antya 2.40
  gauḍe yātrā kaila—went back to Bengal    Madhya 25.221
  gauḍe āsi—coming to Gauḍa    Antya 1.37
  keha gauḍe—some in Bengal    Antya 7.58

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