Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gatih

  gatiḥ—destination    SB 1.9.38, SB 2.4.20, SB 3.14.27, SB 4.24.68, SB 8.3.7, SB 9.4.64, Adi 17.21
  gatiḥ—movement    SB 1.17.23, SB 2.1.33, SB 2.5.20
  gatiḥ—progress    SB 2.6.34, SB 4.22.47, Adi 7.76
  gatiḥ—the movement    SB 10.1.49-50, Madhya 8.111, Madhya 14.163
  gatiḥ—the motion    SB 5.22.2
  gatiḥ—to enter into.    Bg 4.17
  gatiḥ—goal    Bg 9.18
  gatiḥ—goal of life.    SB 1.2.28-29
  gatiḥ—entrance    SB 1.6.31
  gatiḥ—movements    SB 1.13.28
  gatiḥ—good rebirth    SB 1.17.10-11
  gatiḥ—progressive path.    SB 2.5.16
  gatiḥ—advancement    SB 2.8.20
  gatiḥ—course    SB 3.9.1
  gatiḥ—progress.    SB 3.13.8
  gatiḥ—shelter    SB 3.19.38
  gatiḥ—the path    SB 3.25.12
  gatiḥ—the process of movement    SB 3.26.58
  gatiḥ—his progress    SB 3.27.30
  gatiḥ—condition of life    SB 3.31.12
  gatiḥ—Gati    SB 4.1.38
  gatiḥ—the way    SB 4.4.19
  gatiḥ—the ultimate destination.    SB 4.24.54
  gatiḥ—the ultimate goal of life.    SB 4.30.30
  gatiḥ—the ultimate goal    SB 4.30.36
  gatiḥ—whose movements    SB 8.6.26
  gatiḥ—to keep His step.    SB 8.19.34
  gatiḥ—the goal    Adi 4.51
  gatiḥ—our destination.    Madhya 2.18
  gatiḥ—means    Madhya 6.242
  gatiḥ—the progress    Madhya 14.189
  manaḥ-gatiḥ—the movement of the mind    Adi 4.205, Madhya 19.171
  alasa-gatiḥ—stepping very slowly    SB 8.9.16-17
  avijñāta-gatiḥ—unknown destination    SB 1.13.26
  avyakta-gatiḥ—whose movement is imperceptible    SB 4.27.29
  avyakta-gatiḥ—whose glories are inconceivable    SB 5.19.9
  avyāhata-gatiḥ—whose progress was indefatigable    SB 9.15.17-19
  bhāgavatī gatiḥ—the destination of the devotee (going back home, back to Godhead).    SB 3.24.47
  bṛhat-calat-śroṇī-bhara-ākrānta-gatiḥ—being overburdened by the weight of her large breasts, she became tired and had to reduce her speed    SB 10.9.10
  dhruva-gatiḥ—Dhruva, who attained permanent life    SB 4.12.35
  divya-gatiḥ—whose movements are wonderful    SB 8.18.12
  gatiḥ duḥkham—progress is troublesome    Bg 12.5
  iddha-manaḥ-gatiḥ—the course of his mind being enlightened    SB 6.16.29
  manaḥ-gatiḥ—the heart’s course    SB 3.29.11-12
  puruṣa-gatiḥ—the movement of the carriers    SB 5.10.2
  saḥ me gatiḥ—He is therefore my only shelter (I am simply instrumental).    SB 10.8.42
  tat-gatīḥ—the movements of the polluted intelligence    SB 6.5.15
  vismṛta-ātma-gatiḥ—having forgotten the knowledge of Viṣṇu    SB 4.2.23
  ātma-gatiḥ—spiritual advancement    SB 4.22.41
  ātma-gatiḥ—the ultimate goal of spiritual life    SB 4.23.12
  ātma-gatiḥ—the supreme destination    SB 8.24.28

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