Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gate

  gate—having gone    SB 3.4.35, SB 9.16.10
  gate—while passing over    SB 1.11.24
  gate—having gone away    SB 1.17.6
  gate—having departed from this world    SB 1.18.35
  gate—after he departed    SB 3.24.21
  gate—being lost    SB 3.31.24
  gate—having thus approached    SB 4.8.63
  gate—having returned    SB 4.14.35
  gate—gone from this world    SB 4.28.21
  gate—having been taken away    SB 8.12.15
  gate—had accepted the order of vanaprastha    SB 9.2.1
  gate—on his return    SB 9.5.24
  gate—had departed    SB 10.8.20
  gate—has been thrown out of the body    SB 10.12.15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gate

  gate mayi—after My departure    SB 10.3.40
  gate rajani—after the departure of the King    SB 9.18.24