Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gata

  gata—lost    Bg 2.11
  gata—removed    Bg 18.73
  gata—got relief from    SB 1.6.14
  gata—leaving aside    SB 1.9.37
  gata—gone away    SB 3.2.7
  gata—disarrayed    SB 3.33.29
  gata—has ended    SB 4.9.34
  gata—without    SB 4.14.28
  gata—having    SB 7.5.12
  gata—having gone away    SB 1.9.31
  gata—gone    SB 1.13.39
  gata—gone down    SB 3.13.17
  gata—have gone    SB 3.25.11
  gata—followed.    SB 4.10.3
  gata—reaching    SB 4.23.29
  gata—turned into.    SB 4.28.24
  gata—have taken.    SB 8.24.20
  gata—she also went.    SB 9.9.36
  gata—as she went    SB 9.16.3
  gata—she immediately went    SB 10.2.14
  gata—went    SB 10.4.9
  gata—departed    Madhya 9.211-212
  divam gata—gone to the heavenly planets.    SB 10.5.29
  gata-agatam—death and birth    Bg 9.21
  gata-alikam—without duplicity    SB 6.12.18
  gata-asoh tasya—after he died    SB 4.13.19-20
  gata-asum—lifeless    SB 1.18.30
  gata-bhih—freed from fear    SB 6.2.22
  gata-bhih—all his fear disappeared    SB 10.3.12
  gata-sramah—his fatigue having gone    SB 7.8.27
  gata-srih—devoid of everything auspicious    SB 3.1.13
  gata-hrih—without shame    SB 6.17.7
  gata-hrih—bereft of all shame    SB 8.12.25
  gata-hriyah—shameless    SB 3.18.11
  gata-hriyam—for those who are shameless    SB 3.18.7
  gata-jivitam—lifeless body    SB 10.11.43
  gata-klamah—freed from all fatigue.    SB 4.26.11
  gata-klamah—was relieved of all fatigue.    SB 8.2.25
  gata-klamah—without difficulty    SB 2.4.16
  gata-manyavah—their anger disappeared    SB 10.13.33
  gata-matsaraih—by those who are beyond the limit of envy.    SB 3.13.10
  gata-purvam—the path accepted by his forefathers    SB 1.15.44
  gata-sangasya—unattached to the modes of material nature    Bg 4.23
  gata-sammohah—being freed from the misconception    SB 2.9.3
  gata-sauhrdam—indifferent.    SB 4.28.7
  gata-smayah—without hesitation.    SB 3.7.8
  gata-smayah—without pride.    SB 4.21.5
  gata-smrtih—being forgetful    SB 5.5.7
  gata-sprhah—completely freed from all material desires    SB 1.6.26
  gata-sva-artham—without being properly utilized    SB 1.13.26
  gata-sadhvasah—without any fear of death    SB 2.1.15
  gata-sadhvasah—without fear of the demons.    SB 8.23.25
  gata-trapah—without shame.    SB 7.7.35
  gata-trapa—without shame.    SB 3.14.30
  gata-trapah—shameless    SB 8.8.29
  gata-udvegah—relieved of all anxieties    SB 7.4.29
  gata-uttariyah—losing the outer garment.    Madhya 16.145
  gata-vairah—who has no enmity throughout the whole world    SB 5.13.15
  gata-varsa—last year    Antya 2.77
  gata-vigrahe—without any enemy    SB 3.15.32
  gata-vismayah—without doubt    SB 3.1.42
  gata-vismayah—giving up his wonder.    SB 6.12.18
  gata-vyalikaih—by those who are above all pretensions    SB 2.4.19
  gata-vyathah—freed from all distress    Bg 12.16
  gata-vyathah—without being sorry    SB 3.1.16
  gata-vyathah—relieved of his responsibility    SB 3.22.24
  gata-vyathah—becoming peaceful myself.    SB 7.2.7-8
  gata-vyathah—liberated from all material distress    Madhya 23.109
  gata-vyathah—without fear.    SB 4.4.4
  gata-adhih—satisfied    SB 3.23.9
  gata-agati—going and coming    Madhya 1.50
  gata-asavah—almost dead    SB 8.5.15-16
  hanta gata-asankah—there is a possibility that Kamsa would take steps to kill this child    SB 10.8.8-9
  mat-gata—fixed on Me    SB 3.25.23
  mat-gata-pranah—lives devoted to the service of Krsna    Bg 10.9
  tat-gata-antara-bhavena—his mind saturated with devotional service    SB 9.4.31-32
  tat-gata-cetasam—being attracted by him.    SB 9.6.44

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