Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: garbhah

  garbhaḥ—embryo    Bg 3.38, SB 1.8.10, SB 6.14.31, SB 10.2.4-5
  garbhaḥ—the embryo    SB 6.18.65, SB 6.18.72, SB 10.2.15
  garbhaḥ—womb    SB 1.12.1, SB 3.15.10
  garbhaḥ—total energy    SB 3.6.7
  garbhaḥ—the offspring    SB 5.8.5
  garbhaḥ—the child within the womb    SB 6.18.76
  garbhaḥ—pregnancy    SB 10.1.34
  garbhāḥ—fetuses    SB 5.18.15
  garbhāḥ—the embryos of the wives of the demons.    SB 6.8.14
  aṣṭamaḥ garbhaḥ—the eighth pregnancy    SB 10.8.8-9
  hiraṇya-garbhaḥ—Lord Brahmā    SB 5.19.13
  hiraṇya-garbhaḥ—known as Hiraṇyagarbha    SB 5.20.44
  hiraṇya-garbhaḥ—the one who keeps the universe within his abdomen    SB 7.3.32
  hiraṇya-garbhaḥ—the hiraṇyagarbha manifestation    Adi 2.53
  pṛśni-garbhaḥ—celebrated as born of Pṛśni    SB 10.3.41
  smita-garbhāḥ—containing a gentle smiling attitude    Madhya 14.200
  veda-garbhaḥ—one who is impregnated with Vedic knowledge from birth    SB 2.4.25
  veda-garbhaḥ—Lord Brahmā, the reservoir of the Vedas    SB 3.12.1
  veda-garbhaḥ—the repository of the Vedas    SB 3.32.12-15
  veda-garbhaḥ—Lord Brahmā    SB 8.18.16

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