Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gani

  gaëi—I count    Adi 1.67, Madhya 3.185, Antya 20.52
  gaëi—count.    Adi 9.28, Adi 10.137
  gaëi—by your astrological calculation    Adi 17.104
  gaëi—by calculation    Adi 17.105
  gaëi—I count.    Madhya 4.193
  gaëi—we accept    Madhya 8.247
  gaëi—we consider    Madhya 24.95
  gaëi—counting    Antya 9.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gani

  lagna gaëi—by astrological calculation of the birth moment    Adi 13.121, Adi 14.13
  karëikära gaëi—we consider the whorl of the lotus flower.    Madhya 21.7
  nä gaëi—I do not care    Madhya 13.145
  nähi gaëi—I do not care for    Antya 10.96
  ye gaëi—they count.    Adi 5.110