Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gandhi

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gandhi

  su-gandhi—fragrant    Madhya 3.104, Madhya 15.208, Antya 6.117
  madhu-gandhi—the fragrance of honey    Madhya 23.35
  mina-gandhi—the smell of fish    SB 6.13.12-13
  su-gandhi—very fragrant    Madhya 3.104
  su-gandhi—perfumed    Madhya 8.166
  su-gandhi—nicely scented    Madhya 15.220
  su-gandhi—aromatic    Antya 10.130
  su-gandhi candana—fragrant sandalwood pulp.    Madhya 15.8
  su-gandhi taila—scented oil    Antya 12.107
  su-gandhi taila—perfumed oil    Antya 12.108
  su-gandhi udvartana—perfumed massage    Madhya 8.166
  su-gandhi-salile—with scented water    Madhya 15.8
  su-gandhi kariya—making aromatic    Antya 12.103