Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gandharvah

  gandharvah—the Gandharvas    SB 3.24.7, SB 4.7.43, SB 6.6.29-31
  gandharvah—a Gandharva    SB 7.7.50
  gandharvah—celestial singers    SB 1.11.20
  gandharvah—other Gandharvas    SB 4.27.13
  gandharvah—Gandharvas    SB 4.29.21
  gandharvah—residents of Gandharvaloka    SB 8.4.2
  gandharvah—and the inhabitants of Gandharvaloka    SB 8.8.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gandharvah

  sri-gandharvah ucuh—the inhabitants of Gandharvaloka (who are usually engaged as musicians of the heavenly planets) said    SB 7.8.50
  deva-rsi-gandharvah—the demigods, sages and Gandharvas    SB 8.4.1
  kascit gandharvah—one of the denizens of Gandharvaloka    SB 7.15.69
  kinnara-gandharvah—the Kinnaras and Gandharvas, inhabitants of various planets in the heavenly planetary system    SB 10.3.6