Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gandha

  gandha—fragrance    Bg 11.10-11, SB 8.16.39, Adi 4.97, Adi 4.253, Antya 16.79, Antya 16.110, Antya 16.113
  gandha—scents    SB 6.19.7, Madhya 4.100, Madhya 15.90, Madhya 19.87, Madhya 22.123
  gandha—having the aroma    Madhya 8.80, Madhya 8.232, Madhya 9.121, Antya 7.29
  gandha—smell    SB 3.5.36, SB 5.11.10
  gandha—the aroma    SB 4.29.54, Madhya 2.33
  gandha—sandalwood    SB 6.18.53, SB 6.19.19-20
  gandha—fragrances    Madhya 1.159, Madhya 9.289
  gandha—the fragrance    Madhya 4.192, Antya 6.136
  gandha—the scent    Antya 19.92, Antya 19.98
  gandha—flavor.    Adi 4.245
  gandha—sandalwood pulp    Madhya 11.132
  gandha—scented substances like sandalwood pulp    Madhya 15.237
  gandha—by the wonderful fragrance of Her the body    Madhya 23.87-91
  gandha—of incense or scents    Madhya 24.337
  gandha—scented    Antya 18.100
  gandha—scent    Antya 19.95

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gandha

  anga-gandha—bodily fragrance.    Antya 15.46
  antah-amisa-gandha-vat—is like the fleshy smell coming out from within.    SB 10.12.23
  bhakti-gandha—a trace of devotional service    Adi 3.97
  sasi-yuta-abja-gandha-prathah—who distributes the scent of lotus mixed with camphor    Antya 19.91
  sankha-gandha-udake—in water scented with flowers and sandalwood pulp and kept within a conchshell    Madhya 4.62
  catuhsama-gandha—the smell of catuhsama, a mixture of sandalwood pulp, camphor, aguru and musk.    Antya 4.197
  suddha-prema-gandha—a scent of pure devotional love    Madhya 2.46
  divya-gandha-anulepanaih—by many kinds of pulp, like sandalwood and aguru, to smear upon the body of Lord Vamanadeva    SB 8.21.6-7
  gandha sabda parasa—aroma, sound and touch    Antya 14.49
  gandha diya—delivering the scent    Antya 19.98
  gandha haila—there was a fragrance    Antya 4.198
  gandha asvadite—to relish the fragrance    Antya 19.89
  gandha-dravya diya—mixing with aromatic agents.    Antya 10.35
  gandha-gah—which perceives aromas.    SB 3.26.44
  gandha-hina—without a trace    Adi 3.96
  gandha-jalaih—scented water    SB 1.11.14
  gandha-lepa—smearing the body with scented ointment    SB 7.12.12
  gandha-madana—of the planet where the Gandhamadana Hill is found    SB 5.1.8
  gandha-madanam—to the Gandhamadana Hill.    SB 4.1.58
  gandha-malya—with fragrant flower garlands    SB 9.4.31-32
  gandha-malya-adyaih—with incense, flower garlands, etc.    SB 8.16.39
  gandha-matra paya—gets only the scent.    Antya 19.99
  gandha-matram—the subtle element odor    SB 3.26.44
  gandha-puspa-alankara—scented flowers and ornaments    Antya 18.101
  gandha-udaih—with perfumed water    SB 9.11.26
  gandha-vasa—under the control of the fragrance    Antya 19.97
  gandha-vahah—smelling odor    SB 2.10.20
  gandha-vastusu—in things very fragrant    SB 9.13.7
  gandha-vidah—those perceiving smell    SB 3.29.29
  gandha-adini—smell and so on (taste, color, touch and sound)    SB 3.26.12
  krsna-anga-gandha—the aroma of Krsna's body    Antya 15.43
  krsna-anga-gandha—the scent of Krsna's body.    Antya 19.96
  krsna-gandha—the scent of the body of Krsna    Antya 19.90
  krsna-gandha—the fragrance of the body of Krsna    Antya 19.93
  krsna-gandha—of Lord Krsna's fragrance    Antya 19.101
  kahan nahi gandha—there is no possibility of even a scent.    Madhya 17.173
  kama-gandha—the slightest bit of lust    Adi 4.172
  kama-gandha-hina—without a trace of lust.    Adi 4.197
  kama-gandha-hina—without any scent of lust    Adi 4.209
  kama-gandha-hina—without a scent of material lust    Antya 7.39
  mamata-gandha-hina—not even the smallest quantity of intimacy    Madhya 19.218
  malyavad-gandha-madanau—the demarcation mountains of Malyavan on the west and Gandhamadana on the east    SB 5.16.10
  maya-gandha—connection with maya    Adi 2.52
  maya-gandha—contamination of the material world    Adi 7.139
  nahi gandha—there is not even a scent    Antya 20.62
  prema-gandha—even a scent of love of Godhead.    Antya 20.28
  punya-gandha-vahah—which was full of fragrance    SB 10.3.1-5
  puspa-gandha—the fragrance of the flowers    Antya 19.81
  sarah-gandha—by the aroma of the lotus flower    SB 10.13.5
  sei gandha—that fragrance    Antya 19.94
  sei gandha pana—getting that aroma    Antya 19.88
  sparsa-gandha—even the slightest contact.    Adi 5.86
  su-gandha—sweet-smelling    Adi 4.245
  taila-gandha—the scent of the oil    Antya 12.114
  tat-gandha—the aroma of the lotus flower    Adi 10.1
  yat-gandha-matrat—simply by the scent of that elephant    SB 8.2.21