Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ganam

  gaṇam—all of them    SB 3.6.2
  gaṇam—all the living entities, including the demigods    SB 3.6.3
  gaṇam—aggregate    SB 3.26.11
  gānam—song    Madhya 14.227
  amara-gaṇam—the demigods    SB 1.15.8
  śruti-gaṇam—Vedic records    SB 8.24.61
  dhṛta-maṇi-gaṇam—because of being decorated with valuable jewels    SB 10.8.30
  gaṇam mārutam—varieties of air    SB 8.20.23
  sura-gaṇam—the demigods    SB 5.15.16

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