Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ganaih

  gaṇaiḥ—by flocks    SB 3.21.41
  gaṇaiḥ—with hordes    SB 5.16.1
  gaṇaiḥ—by groups    SB 5.25.7
  gaṇaiḥ—their associates    SB 8.10.26
  gaṇaiḥ—by the devotees    Antya 14.120
  sura-gaṇaiḥ—by the demigods    SB 4.1.58, SB 6.7.34, SB 8.6.1
  apsaraḥ-gaṇaiḥ—by the Apsarās (damsels of the heavenly planets)    SB 3.33.34
  apsaraḥ-gaṇaiḥ—by the residents of Apsaroloka.    SB 4.19.4
  bhūta-gaṇaiḥ—by the living entities    SB 1.14.17
  bhūta-gaṇaiḥ—by the Bhūtas    SB 4.2.14-15
  bhūta-gaṇaiḥ—by the ghosts    SB 8.12.1-2
  śiṣya-gaṇaiḥ—by his disciples    SB 8.4.9
  deva-gaṇaiḥ—by the other demigods    SB 6.10.13-14
  go-gaṇaiḥ—with rays of light.    SB 4.16.14
  guṇa-gaṇaiḥ—by the qualifications    SB 1.17.17
  guṇa-gaṇaiḥ—by transcendental qualities    SB 3.15.49
  muni-gaṇaiḥ—and by great sages    SB 5.1.8
  muni-gaṇaiḥ—by the saintly persons    SB 6.10.13-14
  mṛga-akṣī-gaṇaiḥ—by the gopīs, who had eyes resembling those of deer    Adi 17.293
  priya-guṇa-gaṇaiḥ—by the desirable transcendental qualities of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 19.120
  sarva-amara-gaṇaiḥ—accompanied by all the demigods    SB 8.6.3-7
  sura-asura-gaṇaiḥ—by the demigods and asuras    SB 8.6.38
  sura-gaṇaiḥ—with demigods    SB 1.3.12
  sura-gaṇaiḥ—by the celestial demigods    SB 3.9.12
  sura-gaṇaiḥ—with the demigods    SB 7.1.2
  upadeva-gaṇaiḥ—by the semi-demigods (the Gandharvas)    SB 5.16.15
  yādaḥ-gaṇaiḥ—by ferocious aquatic animals    SB 5.26.22

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