Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gala

  gala—the cheeks    Madhya 15.282, Madhya 16.81
  gala—neck    SB 5.5.31
  gala—necks    Antya 12.76

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: gala

  aja-gala-stana—nipples on the neck of a goat.    Adi 5.61
  aja-gala-stana-nyaya—like the nipples on the neck of a goat    Madhya 24.93
  gala-sobhi-kaustubham—on His neck was the Kaustubha gem, which is particularly available in Vaikunthaloka    SB 10.3.9-10
  gala-grahana-niscestah—because of Krsnaís grasping the neck of the demon Trnavarta, the demon choked and could not do anything    SB 10.7.28
  gala dhari—catching the necks    Madhya 17.207
  gala dhari—holding the neck    Antya 19.33