Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gajah

  gajāḥ—elephants    SB 4.10.26, SB 8.2.28, SB 8.6.13, SB 8.10.37
  gajaḥ—the elephant    SB 8.2.27, SB 8.11.15
  gajāḥ—the elephants    SB 4.6.26, SB 8.2.32
  gajaḥ—elephant    SB 3.10.24
  gajaḥ—an elephant    SB 8.4.10
  gajāḥ—elephant    SB 2.1.35
  dik-gajaḥ—the most powerful enemies, who were like elephants    SB 7.15.68
  dik-gajāḥ—elephants that could go in any direction    SB 8.8.5
  mahā-gajāḥ—great elephants.    SB 8.10.47
  matam-gajaḥ—mad elephant.    SB 3.14.10
  vana-gajaḥ—an elephant coming from the forest    SB 5.5.30

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