Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: esam

  eṣām—of them    Bg 1.41, SB 2.7.42, SB 3.3.3, SB 3.3.15, Madhya 6.108, Madhya 25.283
  eṣām—of those persons    SB 4.3.21, Madhya 20.106, Madhya 24.170
  eṣām—of those divisions of social and spiritual orders    Madhya 22.28, Madhya 22.112, Madhya 24.142
  eṣām—of all of them    SB 3.15.47, Madhya 22.136
  eṣām—of these    SB 6.3.27, SB 7.5.32
  eṣām—of those who are attached to household life    Madhya 22.53, Madhya 25.85
  eṣām—of all the great elites    SB 1.9.41
  eṣām—for them    SB 3.6.10
  eṣām—of the devotees    SB 3.21.18
  eṣām—these family members    SB 3.30.7
  eṣām—of these kings    SB 4.16.21
  eṣām—all these divisions of Jambūdvīpa    SB 5.16.7
  eṣām—upon them    SB 5.19.21
  eṣām—of them (the theorists)    SB 6.4.31
  eṣām—of all these (exalted personalities)    SB 6.17.13
  eṣām—of all the conditioned souls    SB 6.17.21
  eṣām—of these (conditioned souls)    SB 6.17.23
  eṣām—of these animals    SB 7.14.9
  eṣām—of these trees    Adi 9.46
  eṣām—this    Madhya 6.235
  eṣām antaḥ-gatam—on the inside of the mountains    SB 10.12.22

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