Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: eho

  eho—this    Adi 4.6, Adi 4.102, Madhya 8.59, Madhya 8.61, Madhya 8.64, Madhya 8.66, Antya 5.154, Antya 16.142
  eho—this is also    Adi 14.28
  eho—such yogīs    Madhya 24.167
  eho haya—this is all right    Madhya 8.68, Madhya 8.71, Madhya 8.74, Madhya 8.191
  eho nahe—in this case it is not the fact    Madhya 10.173
  eho saba—all of Them    Madhya 21.40
  eho uttama—it is very good    Madhya 8.76
  eho uttama—this is very good    Madhya 8.79

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