Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ebe

  ebe—now    Adi 4.54, Adi 4.57, Adi 4.111, Adi 4.159, Adi 6.27, Adi 7.3, Adi 7.50, Adi 9.54, Adi 10.3, Adi 10.129 (and more...)
  ebe—but at this time    Madhya 25.181
  ebe—just now    Antya 12.146
  ebe śuna—now hear    Madhya 23.3, Madhya 25.139
  ebe yadi yāi—if we go just now    Madhya 18.150
  ebe yāi—now I shall go    Madhya 11.35

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