Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dyauh

  dyauh—the heavenly planets    SB 3.6.27, SB 4.22.57, SB 5.20.45, SB 8.5.40
  dyauh—the sky    SB 3.19.19, SB 4.15.12
  dyauh—the higher planetary systems    SB 5.18.32, SB 8.7.27
  dyauh—the sphere of outer space    SB 2.1.30
  dyauh—the demigods in outer space    SB 4.15.18
  dyauh—outer space    SB 7.8.33
  dyauh—the upper planetary system    SB 8.18.4
  dyauh—the heavenly kingdom    SB 8.18.15
  dyauh—the planetary systems    SB 8.20.21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dyauh

  dyauh ca—the luminaries    SB 8.20.25-29
  dyauh ca—and outer space    SB 10.6.12