Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dvitiya

  dvitīya—second    Adi 1.83, Adi 2.39, Adi 4.130, Adi 4.159, Adi 5.4, Adi 5.170, Adi 12.3, Adi 16.41, Adi 16.63, Madhya 3.29 (and more...)
  dvitīya—the second    Adi 5.40, Madhya 11.76, Madhya 11.77
  dvitīya—a second    Madhya 11.78, Madhya 13.89
  dvitīya—a second thing    Madhya 12.194
  dvitīya-abhiniveśataḥ—from the misconception of being a product of material energy    Madhya 20.119, Madhya 24.137, Madhya 25.138
  dvitīya paricchede—in the Second Chapter    Adi 17.314, Madhya 25.244
  dvitīya śabda—the word dvitīya ("second")    Adi 16.60
  dvitīya catuḥ-vyūha—the second quadruple expansion    Adi 5.41
  dvitīya śrī-lakṣmī—the word dvitīya-śrī-lakṣmī ("all-opulent goddess of fortune")    Adi 16.59
  dvitīya nāndī—the second introductory verse    Antya 1.176
  dvitīya nāṭakera—of the second drama    Antya 1.172
  dvitīya prahara—the second period of the day    Madhya 1.56
  dvitīya puruṣera—of the second incarnation of the Personality of Godhead    Madhya 20.283
  dvitīya skandha—the second big branch    Adi 12.4
  dvitīya vatsare—the next year    Antya 6.35
  dvitīya-bhartā—another husband    Adi 16.65
  dvitīya-bāre—the second time    Antya 3.108
  dvitīya-milana—the second meeting with Lord Caitanya    Antya 20.103
  dvitīya-milana—visiting for the second time    Antya 20.108
  dvitīya-puruṣa—the second Personality of Godhead    Madhya 20.293
  dvitīya-pāte—on a second leaf    Antya 12.127

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