Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dvisah

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dvisah

  hara-dvisah—envious of Lord Siva.    SB 4.2.25
  madhu-dvisah—of the enemy of Madhu (Sri Krsna)    SB 1.10.32
  madhu-dvisah—the enemy of the Madhu asura    SB 3.7.19
  madhu-dvisah—the killer of the Madhu demon.    SB 3.32.18
  madhu-dvisah—of the Lord (the enemy of Madhu)    SB 4.12.21
  madhu-dvisah—of the Lord    SB 4.22.20
  madhu-dvisah—of Visnu, the slayer of the Madhu demon    SB 7.1.38
  pura-dvisah—of Lord Siva    SB 4.6.8
  sura-dvisah—of the enemy of the demigods    SB 7.7.9
  sura-dvisah—O demons    SB 8.9.10