Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dvadasyam

  dvadasyam—on the day after Ekadasi    SB 4.12.49-50
  dvadasyam—on the twelfth lunar day    SB 7.14.20-23
  dvadasyam—on the twelfth day of the moon    SB 8.18.6
  dvadasyam—when the Dvadasi day    SB 9.4.38
  dvadasyam—on the Dvadasi day    SB 9.4.39-40

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dvadasyam

  sravana-dvadasyam—on the twelfth lunar day of the bright fortnight in the month of Bhadra, the day famous as the Sravana-dvadasi    SB 8.18.5
  dvadasyam sravanesu—on the twelfth lunar day and in the naksatra named Sravana    SB 7.14.20-23