Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: durlabhah

  durlabhah—very rarely obtained    SB 7.4.2, SB 9.4.25
  durlabhah—very rare    SB 4.24.17
  durlabhah—very difficult to be obtained    SB 4.24.54
  durlabhah—very difficult to obtain    SB 6.11.23
  durlabhah—difficult to find.    Madhya 1.203

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: durlabhah

  su-durlabhah—very rare    Madhya 19.150, Madhya 25.83
  su-durlabhah—very difficult to obtain    SB 3.4.15
  su-durlabhah—very rarely found    SB 6.14.5
  su-durlabhah—very rare    Madhya 20.61