Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: durlabha

  durlabha—very rare    Madhya 16.270, Madhya 19.148
  durlabha—difficult to obtain    Antya 16.97, Antya 16.135
  durlabha—difficult to attain    SB 7.1.16
  durlabha—very difficult to perceive    Madhya 21.119
  durlabha—rarely achieved    Antya 5.5
  durlabha—almost unattainable    Antya 12.29
  durlabha—not attainable    Antya 16.49

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: durlabha

  durlabha jana—persons rarely obtained    Antya 19.47
  durlabha visvasa—of the name Durlabha Visvasa    Adi 12.59
  durlabha-taram—very rare to achieve    SB 4.22.8
  su-durlabha—is very rare.    Adi 8.17
  su-durlabha—very difficult to obtain.    Madhya 24.172