Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: durga

  durga—the stronghold    SB 5.1.19
  durga—Goddess Durga    Adi 14.50
  durga—the part of Goddess Durga    Adi 17.242

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: durga

  ati-atma-pa-durga-margah—escaping their caretakers because of increased affection for the calves, although the way was very rough and hard    SB 10.13.30
  siva-durga—Lord Siva and his wife, Durga    Madhya 9.175
  durga-adhva-krcchratah—although they passed the very rough way with great difficulty    SB 10.13.32
  durga-adhva-vat—like a path that is very difficult to traverse    SB 5.14.1
  durga-patih—a fort commander    SB 3.14.20
  durga-palah—the maintainer    SB 8.23.6
  durga-asrayah—taking shelter of the fort    SB 3.4.16
  durga-asritah—being in a fortified place    SB 5.1.18
  durga iti—the name Durga    SB 10.2.11-12
  durga-mandapa-upare—on the altar of the Durga-mandapa.    Antya 3.150
  durga-mandape—to the place where Durga worship was performed    Antya 6.155
  sei durga-mandape—at that very place of the Durga-mandapa    Antya 3.160