Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dure

  dūre—far away    Madhya 2.46, Madhya 9.27, Madhya 22.117, Madhya 22.133, Madhya 24.195, Antya 1.155
  dūre—to a distant place    Madhya 7.141, Madhya 11.163, Madhya 19.67
  dūre—keeping at a distance    SB 3.15.25, Madhya 24.88
  dūre—from a distant place    Antya 10.63, Antya 13.80
  dūre—long distant    SB 1.16.19
  dūre—at a long distance    SB 2.7.24
  dūre—a short distance away    SB 6.1.28-29
  dūre—far, far away    SB 10.6.33
  dūre—from a distance    Madhya 14.144
  dūre—in a distant place    Madhya 19.46
  dūre—let alone    Madhya 25.79
  dūre dūre—a long distance    Antya 6.50, Antya 6.50
  alpa dūre—within a short distance    Antya 13.83
  ati-dūre—far off    SB 1.16.17
  darśana rahu dūre—what to speak of seeing    Antya 5.35-36
  dūre dekhi—seeing from a distant place    Madhya 14.235
  dūre rahi—standing a little off    Madhya 11.124
  dūre rahi—standing at a distance    Madhya 12.160
  dūre rahi—remaining in a distant place    Antya 2.142
  dūre rahi—keeping himself at a distant place    Antya 6.190
  dūre rahi—keeping apart    Antya 13.37
  dūre rahu—leaving aside    Madhya 22.51
  dūre rahu—what to speak of    Antya 16.90
  dūre rahu—leave aside    Antya 16.111
  dūre varjana—giving up very carefully    Madhya 24.336
  eta dūre—so far    Antya 14.115
  kailā dūre—opened    Antya 14.60
  kata dūre—how far    Madhya 3.25
  kata-dūre—a short distance away    Madhya 8.13
  kata-dūre—somewhat farther    Madhya 24.234
  katho dūre—from a distant place    Antya 2.153-154
  kichu alpa-dūre—a little bit away from the Lord.    Antya 1.28
  paḍilā kata-dūre—fell down at a distant place    Antya 6.46
  rahu dūre—let alone    Antya 9.108
  rahu dūre—leave aside    Antya 16.124
  rahu dūre—leaving aside    Antya 16.147
  āche dūre—is staying some distance off    Antya 2.27
  āra kata-dūre—still farther along    Madhya 24.232
  āra kata-dūre—still farther ahead    Madhya 24.233

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