Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dura

  dura—for a great distance    SB 8.6.34
  dura—away.    Adi 10.82
  dura—distant    Madhya 5.43
  dura—distance    Madhya 7.135
  dura—away    Madhya 12.93
  dura—far    Antya 18.112
  dura—far apart.    Antya 19.47

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dura

  dura haite—from a distance    Adi 5.65, Adi 17.284, Madhya 11.162, Madhya 16.179, Madhya 17.147, Madhya 19.66, Antya 15.46
  dura haite—from a distant place    Madhya 18.105, Madhya 24.269, Antya 4.147, Antya 6.36
  dura dura—get out    Antya 8.22, Antya 8.22
  bahu-dura—a long distance    Madhya 1.274
  bahu-dura—far away.    Madhya 8.309
  dura darasane—by seeing from a distance.    Madhya 16.121
  dura desa—to a distant place.    Madhya 16.139
  dura ha-ite—from a distant place    Adi 17.144
  dura ha-ite—from a distance    Antya 12.42
  dura kaila—separated.    Madhya 20.361
  dura kaile—if they are taken away    Antya 17.18
  dura kaila—put aside    Antya 13.12
  dura kara—take away    Madhya 20.69
  dura kare—vanquishes    Madhya 15.169
  dura kari—clearing away    Madhya 4.52
  dura kari—driving away    Madhya 4.60
  dura kari—removing    Antya 18.73
  dura karaila—caused to be thrown far    Adi 17.44
  dura patha—long journey    Madhya 4.184
  dura patha—long distance    Antya 18.72
  dura-darsanam—very rarely seen    SB 1.11.8
  dura-desa—far away.    Madhya 14.236
  dura-desatah—from a distant country    Madhya 6.225
  dura-dese—to distant countries    Madhya 13.151
  dura-dese—a little far off.    Antya 2.24-25
  dura-dese—far away.    Antya 14.8
  dura-grahana—the ability to perceive things far, far away    SB 5.5.35
  dura-grame—in distant villages    Madhya 15.86
  dura-parah—greatly difficult    SB 2.7.36
  dura-sthan—the demigods, who were sitting at a distant place    SB 8.9.21
  dura-sthah—although staying a long distance away    SB 9.16.14
  dura-taram—far away    SB 3.17.25
  kata dura giya—after going some distance    Madhya 3.213
  rahu dura—apart from.    Madhya 15.101
  rahu dura—what to speak of.    Madhya 15.284