Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dunhara

  dunhara—of both of Them    Adi 12.48, Adi 14.65, Adi 15.23, Adi 15.29, Adi 17.151, Madhya 5.15, Madhya 5.137, Madhya 5.158, Madhya 8.24, Madhya 8.47 (and more...)
  dunhara—of both    Madhya 5.136, Madhya 24.226, Antya 4.37, Antya 5.128, Antya 15.11
  dunhara—of the two    Adi 4.30
  dunhara—two of them    Adi 11.14-15
  dunhara—both of them    Adi 14.64
  dunhara—both    Adi 15.15
  dunhara—of Lord Caitanya and the devotees    Madhya 1.50
  dunhara—of both of you    Madhya 1.208
  dunhara—between the two, (the red and blue lotus flowers)    Antya 18.96

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dunhara

  dunhara sire—on the heads of both of them    Madhya 1.216
  dunhara duhkha dekhi—seeing the lamentation of both    Madhya 15.253
  dunhara gamana—first they went    Madhya 12.208
  dunhara icchate—by the will of both of them    Madhya 15.253
  dunhara mukhe—in the mouths of both Rupa Gosvami and his brother Vallabha    Madhya 19.70
  dunhara mukhe—in the mouths of both    Madhya 19.71
  dunhara satye—in the truthfulness of both of you    Madhya 5.114
  toma-dunhara krpate—by the mercy of both of You    Antya 1.57
  ama-dunhara—of both of us    Madhya 17.9
  ama-dunhara—of us two    Madhya 17.10
  ama-dunhara—the two of us    Antya 4.35
  ama-dunhara—of us both    Antya 4.36
  aradhya dunhara—very worshipable for these two    Madhya 16.220