Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dundubhayah

  dundubhayaḥ—kettledrums    SB 4.12.31, SB 4.15.8, SB 7.10.68, SB 8.4.2, SB 8.18.7, SB 10.1.33, SB 10.3.1-5, Adi 1.73-74
  dundubhayaḥ—the kettledrums    SB 6.12.34, SB 7.8.36
  dundubhayaḥ—drums    SB 1.9.45
  dundubhayaḥ—other different types of drums    SB 1.10.15
  dundubhayaḥ—celestial drums    SB 1.19.18
  dundubhayaḥ—trumpets and kettledrums    SB 8.20.20
  dundubhayaḥ—a kind of musical instrument    SB 10.5.5
  deva-dundubhayaḥ—the kettledrums beaten by the demigods    SB 8.11.41
  deva-dundubhayaḥ—kettledrums sounded by the demigods    SB 9.24.28-31

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