Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: drumaih

  drumaih—with trees    SB 3.15.16, SB 4.6.13, SB 4.6.28
  drumaih—by trees    SB 4.30.44, SB 8.2.9-13
  drumaih—the trees    SB 6.4.15
  drumaih—by the trees    SB 6.10.27
  drumaih—with trees (bearing flowers and fruits).    SB 8.2.14-19
  drumaih—by throwing big trees    SB 9.10.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: drumaih

  amara-drumaih—with trees brought from the heavenly planets    SB 4.9.63
  amara-drumaih—with eternal trees.    SB 8.15.12
  bahu-amara-drumaih—with many celestial trees    SB 3.33.18
  drumaih vrtam—covered with trees.    SB 6.4.4