Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: druma

  druma—trees    SB 4.6.10, SB 4.25.17, SB 6.9.6, SB 8.2.7, Antya 17.31
  druma—the trees    SB 6.13.5, Madhya 24.56
  druma—of trees    SB 3.21.40
  druma—with trees    SB 6.10.26
  druma—the trees and plants    SB 8.5.21
  druma—with nice trees    SB 9.18.6-7

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: druma

  kalpa-druma—desire tree    Adi 1.16, Madhya 1.4, Antya 1.6
  apunya-druma-lata—impious trees and creepers    SB 5.14.12
  druma-bhujan—to the branches of the trees    Madhya 24.176
  druma-janma—being born of the tree    SB 2.3.22
  druma-jatibhih—with varieties of trees    SB 4.6.18
  druma-lata—trees and creepers    SB 8.2.2-3
  druma-latah—the creepers and trees    Madhya 24.206
  druma-vat—like trees (as monkeys jump from one tree to another, the conditioned soul transmigrates from one body to another)    SB 5.14.32
  druma-akulam—full of nice trees.    SB 10.13.5
  jana-ajivya-druma-akirnam—dense with trees, which were the means of living for the inhabitants    SB 10.13.59
  puspa-druma—flower trees    Madhya 13.173