Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: drsah

  dṛśaḥ—vision    SB 1.5.14, SB 3.15.50
  dṛśaḥ—sight    SB 1.11.25
  dṛśaḥ—on sight    SB 3.1.42
  dṛśaḥ—eyes    SB 3.15.42
  dṛśaḥ—whose faculty of judgment    SB 3.16.10
  dṛśaḥ—observer    SB 4.6.47
  dṛśaḥ—and vision    SB 4.31.3
  dṛśaḥ—of the eye    SB 6.4.12
  dṛśaḥ—of all directions    SB 9.5.7
  kūrpa-dṛśaḥ—whose vision is grossly situated in the bodily conception of life    Madhya 24.166, Madhya 24.213
  mīlita-dṛśaḥ—closing their eyes    Madhya 24.176, Madhya 24.178
  sama-dṛśaḥ—having the same ecstatic emotions    Madhya 8.224, Madhya 9.123
  asat-dṛśaḥ—for a person with polluted vision    SB 5.17.20
  bhinna-dṛśaḥ—having a differential outlook    SB 3.29.26
  mantra-dṛśaḥ—who know the science of mantra    SB 9.4.10
  paśu-pāla-paṅkaja-dṛśaḥ—the gopīs who are always dependent on Kṛṣṇa, the cowherd boy    NoI 10
  parāk-dṛśaḥ—of a person who has only external vision.    SB 8.19.9
  phulla-dṛśaḥ—their faces looking very bright because of transcendental pleasure    SB 10.13.8
  pṛthak-dṛśaḥ—the same persons who see differently    SB 4.6.48
  pṛthak-dṛśaḥ—persons who see everything as separate from the control of the Lord.    SB 10.4.27
  sama-dṛśaḥ—of one who is equally kind to one and all    SB 1.9.21
  sama-dṛśaḥ—equipoised    SB 4.12.37
  sama-dṛśaḥ—and who are equal toward all    SB 8.23.8
  sama-dṛśaḥ śabde—by the word sama-dṛśaḥ    Madhya 8.225
  sarva-dṛśaḥ—who know everything    Antya 1.188
  udvigna-dṛśaḥ—appeared very anxious    SB 4.10.6

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