Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: drdham

  dṛḍham—obstinate    Bg 6.34
  dṛḍham—very    Bg 18.64
  dṛḍham—deep    SB 1.8.41
  dṛḍham—determined    SB 1.10.33
  dṛḍham—firmly fixed    SB 2.4.3-4
  dṛḍham—deeply    SB 3.17.29
  dṛḍham—solidly    SB 3.23.57
  dṛḍham—firmly    SB 4.23.13
  dṛḍham—greatly    SB 5.17.2
  dṛḍham—so firmly convinced or fixed in your decision    SB 8.20.15
  dṛḍhām—staunch    SB 3.25.22
  dṛḍham iti—very firmly    Madhya 22.57-58

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