Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dose

  dose—by the fault    Madhya 24.136, Antya 4.5
  dose—during the first portion of the night    SB 6.8.21
  dose—for the fault    Antya 3.164

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dose

  anna-dose—by contamination of food    Madhya 12.190
  ei dose—for this fault    Madhya 22.24
  ei panca-dose—by the above-mentioned five faults    Adi 16.68
  eka dose—by one fault    Adi 16.69
  guna-dose—there are faults and good qualities also.    Adi 16.48
  kama-dose—the fault of lust.    Adi 4.195
  sei dose—because of this fault    Madhya 22.13
  aslisya-dose—by the fault of ambiguity    Madhya 6.274