Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dori

  ḍorī—ropes    Madhya 14.249
  ḍorī—the ropes    Madhya 14.250
  paṭṭa-ḍorī—silken ropes    Madhya 14.250, Madhya 14.253, Madhya 15.98, Madhya 16.49
  kaṭi-paṭṭasūtra-ḍorī—silken thread for the waist    Adi 13.113
  paṭṭa-ḍorī—rope made of silk    Madhya 13.10
  paṭṭa-ḍorī—ropes of silk    Madhya 14.246
  paṭṭa-ḍorī lañā—taking silken ropes.    Madhya 16.16-17

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