Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: divi

  divi—in the sky    Bg 11.12, SB 1.14.17, SB 1.19.18, SB 3.27.12, SB 4.5.12, SB 4.10.14, SB 6.12.27-29, SB 7.10.68, SB 8.7.12, SB 9.7.5-6
  divi—in the higher planetary system    Bg 18.40, SB 4.9.60, SB 7.9.23, SB 8.20.19
  divi—in the heavenly planets    SB 3.17.3, SB 4.1.54-55, SB 7.3.6
  divi—in heaven    Bg 9.20
  divi—high in the sky    SB 2.7.27
  divi—in the heavens.    SB 3.11.11
  divi—during the daytime    SB 3.11.15
  divi—in outer space    SB 4.15.8
  divi—in the upper planetary systems    SB 6.11.22
  divi-ja—of those born in the heavenly planets    SB 5.2.6
  divi-spṛśat—touching the sky    SB 7.8.19-22
  divi-spṛśau—touching the sky    SB 3.17.17
  divi-sthān—situated in the sky    SB 4.23.22

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