Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: divase

  divase—day    Adi 7.161

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: divase

  ratri-divase—day and night    Adi 13.40, Madhya 8.9, Madhya 17.228-229, Antya 19.77
  ratri-divase—night and day.    Antya 9.12, Antya 15.4, Antya 17.3
  trtiya divase—on the third day.    Antya 2.51, Antya 12.121
  astama-divase—on the eighth day    Madhya 6.124
  caturtha-divase—on the fourth day    Madhya 18.39
  dui dui divase—two days each    Madhya 15.196
  prathama divase—on the first day    Antya 4.197
  rajani-divase—both day and night.    Madhya 13.158
  rajani-divase—day and night    Antya 20.3
  ratri-divase—both day and night    Madhya 16.234
  ratri-divase—throughout the entire day and night.    Antya 19.3