Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: divasa

  divasa—day    Antya 10.152, Antya 20.40
  divasa—a day    Adi 3.8
  divasa—days    Madhya 7.50

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: divasa

  divasa-madhyangatah—being positioned as at midday    SB 5.21.8-9
  divasa-niyama—a fixed date in every month.    Antya 10.153
  eka divasa—only one day.    Madhya 15.190
  kataka divasa—a few days    Madhya 25.202
  samasta divasa—all day    Antya 6.186
  se divasa haite—beginning from that day    Madhya 25.18
  se-divasa—that day    Madhya 19.58
  ye divasa—the day when    Madhya 25.18