Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dinah

  dīnaḥ—poor    SB 3.23.11, SB 4.29.30-31
  dīnāḥ—very poor    SB 9.10.25, SB 10.4.34
  dīnaḥ—stricken    SB 1.18.46
  dīnaḥ—the poor man    SB 4.28.9
  dīnaḥ—very poor    SB 4.28.17
  dīnaḥ—having a poor fund of knowledge    SB 7.6.17-18
  dīnaḥ—who am most fallen and poor.    SB 7.9.39
  dīnāḥ—poor fellows    SB 3.9.7
  dīnāḥ—poor    SB 4.28.21
  dainam-dinaḥ—daily    SB 3.11.26
  su-dīnaḥ—poor in thought, or very much aggrieved    SB 7.5.15
  vyavāya-dīnaḥ—who is poor-hearted because of acting on the platform of sex desire    SB 5.13.18

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