Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dile

  dile—You gave    Adi 12.47
  dile—gave Me    Adi 14.27
  dile—you have placed    Adi 16.62
  dile—You have given    Madhya 3.98
  dile—if offering    Madhya 5.39
  dile—gave.    Madhya 9.324
  dile—allowed    Madhya 10.14
  dile—by such deliverance    Madhya 12.170
  dile—when he delivers    Madhya 12.170
  dile—delivered    Madhya 14.11
  dile—if you offer    Antya 6.304

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dile

  candana dile—in offering this candana    Madhya 4.160
  candana dile—when sandalwood will be given    Madhya 4.164