Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dibe

  dibe—you should give    Adi 17.26, Madhya 24.343
  dibe—will give    Madhya 5.43, Madhya 5.75
  dibe—will they give    Antya 15.48, Antya 15.54
  dibe—allow    Adi 12.36
  dibe—You will offer    Madhya 5.115
  dibe—kindly give.    Madhya 10.57
  dibe—will deliver    Madhya 12.162
  dibe—would give    Madhya 18.101
  dibe—you should offer    Antya 6.297
  dibe—shall give    Antya 9.40
  dibe—he will give    Antya 9.48

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dibe

  bhiksa dibe—will give You food    Madhya 17.11
  bhiksa dibe—will arrange for cooking    Madhya 17.19
  bhiksa dibe—will give offerings of food    Antya 2.43
  na dibe—he will not pay    Antya 9.65
  nahi dibe—will not pay    Antya 9.28
  sammana dibe—should give respect    Antya 20.25
  visaya dibe—he should be appointed to the post.    Antya 9.112
  ananda dibe—will give pleasure    Adi 4.239