Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhyana

  dhyāna—meditation    SB 3.12.3, Adi 4.273, Adi 7.69, Adi 8.81, Adi 16.96, Madhya 4.25, Madhya 6.258, Madhya 8.253, Madhya 9.155, Madhya 21.119 (and more...)
  dhyāna—by meditation    SB 6.9.41, SB 6.13.17
  dhyāna—positive meditation    SB 1.15.47-48
  dhyāna—the meditation    Adi 5.221
  dhyāna—of meditation    Madhya 13.140
  dharma-dhyāna—religious principles and meditation    Madhya 20.334
  dhyāna kaila—meditated.    Antya 2.61
  dhyāna kailuṅ—I meditated    Antya 9.135
  dhyāna kare—meditates on    Madhya 7.124
  dhyāna kari—by meditation    Madhya 13.141
  dhyāna kari—after meditating    Antya 2.54
  dhyāna-anubhāvena—by meditation    SB 5.1.23
  dhyāna-ayanam—easily meditated upon    SB 3.28.33
  dhyāna-bhedāt—by different types of meditation    Madhya 9.156
  dhyāna-dhiṣṇyam—who is appreciated by meditation    SB 10.3.28
  dhyāna-gocaram—the object of meditation    SB 3.33.23
  dhyāna-pathaḥ—in the path of my meditation    SB 1.9.24
  dhyāna-yoga-paraḥ—always absorbed in trance    Bg 18.51-53
  dhyāna-ādite—by processes beginning with meditation    Madhya 20.343
  dhyāna-āspadam—object of meditation    SB 3.15.45
  kailā dhyāna—you meditated    Antya 3.33
  kare dhyāna—perform meditation    Adi 5.222
  kṛṣṇa-dhyāna—meditation upon Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 20.335
  nirākāra-dhyāna—meditation on impersonal Brahman    Madhya 10.175

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