Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhvasta

  dhvasta—vanquished    SB 5.19.4, SB 9.5.26
  dhvasta—conquered    SB 1.13.54
  dhvasta—being destroyed    SB 1.13.56
  dhvasta—vanished    SB 3.33.8
  dhvasta—smashed    SB 4.23.8
  dhvasta—dissipated    SB 4.30.21
  dhvasta—aloof    SB 4.31.18
  dhvasta—destroyed    SB 6.16.31
  dhvasta—having been vanquished    SB 8.23.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhvasta

  dhvasta-aksam—his eyes obscured    SB 7.2.29-31
  dhvasta-bandhanah—liberated from bondage    SB 6.10.12
  dhvasta-papanam—who are fully freed from all sinful reactions    SB 6.14.23
  dhvasta-tamasah—being freed from all kinds of ignorance    SB 4.24.73
  sva-mahi-dhvasta-mahibhih—whose own independence was subordinate to the potency of the Lord    SB 10.13.53