Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhvani

  dhvani—the sounds    Madhya 5.102, Madhya 13.14, Madhya 13.48, Madhya 13.50, Madhya 21.128, Antya 17.43
  dhvani—sound    Adi 12.26, Adi 17.123, Madhya 17.45, Antya 17.41
  dhvani—vibration    Adi 13.93, Madhya 12.111, Madhya 17.35, Madhya 21.142
  dhvani—sound.    Adi 14.79
  dhvani—the vibration    Adi 17.193
  dhvani—vibration.    Antya 17.28
  dhvani—the resounding    Antya 17.41

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhvani

  hari-dhvani—the sound of Hari    Madhya 12.198, Madhya 12.198
  mangala-dhvani—an auspicious sound    Madhya 25.65, Antya 14.102
  aiche hari-dhvani—such vibration of the chanting of the holy name    Madhya 11.96
  sri-hari-dhvani—vibration of the sound Hari    Madhya 1.276
  dhvani haila—there was news    Madhya 24.266
  dhvani-matra—the sound only    Madhya 5.99
  dhvani-pratidhvana—the sounds of their chirping and moving and the echoes of these sounds    SB 10.13.5
  dhvani-rupe—the form of sound vibration    Madhya 21.140
  hari dhvani—chanting of the holy name of Hari    Antya 6.119
  hari hari dhvani—the vibration of Hari, Hari    Antya 7.70
  hari hari-dhvani—the resounding of "Hari, Hari"    Antya 6.86
  hari-bola-dhvani—the transcendental sound vibration Hari bol    Madhya 17.189
  hari-dhvani—the sound vibration of Hari    Adi 7.159
  hari-dhvani—chanting Hare Krsna    Adi 8.76
  hari-dhvani—chanting of the Hare Krsna maha-mantra.    Adi 12.26
  hari-dhvani—the transcendental vibration of Hari    Adi 13.98
  hari-dhvani—vibration of the holy name, "Hari Hari."    Adi 17.223
  hari-dhvani—vibrating the transcendental sound    Madhya 11.216
  hari-dhvani—resounding of the holy name of Hari    Madhya 12.163-164
  hari-dhvani suni—after hearing the chanting of the Hare Krsna maha-mantra    Madhya 25.66
  hari-dhvani kare—chanted the transcendental sound Hari    Antya 10.64
  hari-dhvani kare—chanted the holy name Hari    Antya 10.70
  hari-dhvani kari—vibrating the holy name of the Hare Krsna mantra    Madhya 9.337
  hari-dhvani kari—vibrating the holy name of Hari    Madhya 19.42
  hari-dhvani kari—loudly chanting the Hare Krsna maha-mantra.    Madhya 25.164
  hari-dhvani kari—loudly chanting the name of Hari.    Madhya 25.176
  hari-dhvani kari—chanting the holy name of Hari    Antya 9.146
  hari-dhvani kari—loudly resounding the holy name of Hari    Antya 16.115
  hari-dhvani-kolahale—the tumultuous sound of the holy name of Hari    Antya 11.70
  jaya jaya-dhvani—the sound of "all glories, all glories"    Madhya 14.57
  kantha-dhvani—the sound of the voice    Adi 3.41
  kantha-dhvani—the voice from His throat    Madhya 17.34
  kantha-dhvani-ukti—vocal expressions    Antya 17.26
  kankana-dhvani—the sound of bangles    Antya 17.43
  kala-dhvani—the low vibration    Antya 15.67
  kala-dhvani—the sweet vibration    Antya 17.46
  kara hari-dhvani—chant the holy name of the Lord    Antya 11.98
  kare hari-dhvani—chanting the holy name of Hari    Madhya 12.111
  kare hari-dhvani—vibrate the holy name of Hari.    Antya 15.91
  kari hari-dhvani—making the transcendental vibration Hari.    Madhya 17.189
  kirtanera dhvani—the vibration of the sankirtana    Madhya 11.217
  kirtanera dhvani—vibration of sankirtana    Madhya 13.50
  krsna-dhvani—vibration of the sound Hare Krsna    Madhya 17.206
  maha-dhvani—great vibration    Adi 17.123
  murali-dhvani—the vibration of the flute    Antya 19.42
  prabhu-kantha-dhvani—the musical voice of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 17.197
  prati-dhvani—responsive vibration.    Madhya 17.206
  prati-dhvani—echo    Antya 3.70
  prati-dhvani nahe—that sound vibration is not an echo    Antya 3.71
  ratha-dhvani—the rattling sound of chariots    Madhya 13.128
  se dhvani—that vibration    Madhya 21.141
  ucca-dhvani—a loud sound    Madhya 17.45
  uthe dhvani—there arose a sound    Madhya 21.72
  vamsi-dhvani—the vibration of the flute    Madhya 21.113
  vamsi-dhvani-sukha—the happiness of hearing the playing of the flute    Madhya 2.47
  venu-dhvani—the vibration of the flute    Antya 17.35
  venu-dhvani suni—hearing the vibration of the flute    Madhya 21.108