Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhvaja

  dhvaja—flag    SB 1.18.16, SB 8.11.26, Adi 14.7
  dhvaja—flags    SB 1.11.13, SB 8.10.37
  dhvaja—the flags    SB 9.10.17, SB 9.15.32
  dhvaja—banner    SB 3.28.21
  dhvaja—of festoons    SB 10.5.6
  dhvaja—and flags    Madhya 14.129

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhvaja

  citra-dhvaja-pataih—with very nicely decorated flags and canopies    SB 8.10.13-15
  dhvaja-patakabhih—with flags and festoons    SB 4.25.16
  dhvaja-ayudhah—and with flags and weapons    SB 8.10.26
  dhvaja-vrnda—all kinds of flags    Madhya 14.110
  makara-dhvaja—of Cupid    SB 5.25.5
  vrsa-dhvaja—Lord Siva, who rides on a bull    SB 4.7.10