Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhruva

  dhruva—Dhruva    SB 4.12.5
  dhruva—as permanent    SB 6.15.26
  dhruva—O Supreme Truth    Madhya 19.143
  dhruva—certainly    Bg 18.78

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhruva

  dhruva-apavarganam—up to Dhruvaloka and other, inferior luminaries    SB 5.20.37
  dhruva-gatim—a path to the Dhruva planet    SB 2.7.8
  dhruva-gatih—Dhruva, who attained permanent life    SB 4.12.35
  dhruva-ghate—at the bank of the Yamuna known as Dhruva-ghata    Madhya 25.186
  dhruva-ksiti—the land known as Dhruvaloka    SB 4.9.20-21
  dhruva-ksitih—Dhruva, whose planet would not be annihilated.    SB 4.9.5