Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhrta

  dhṛta—a law upheld    Madhya 8.147, Madhya 9.114, Madhya 24.54
  dhṛta—taking up    SB 1.9.37
  dhṛta—taken into    SB 1.19.15
  dhṛta—accepting    SB 3.16.20
  dhṛta—who had assumed    SB 3.20.8
  dhṛta—who accepted    Adi 3.66
  dhṛta—who took up    Madhya 16.145
  dhṛta—offered    Madhya 23.21
  dhṛta—caught    Antya 16.87
  dhṛtā—sustained    SB 3.13.40
  dhṛtā—captured    SB 3.13.40
  dhṛtā—maintained by transcendental education    SB 5.5.24
  dhṛta-adriḥ—having taken the mountain.    SB 8.7.17
  dhṛta-aṅghri-padmaḥ—whose lotus feet are bound    Madhya 25.128
  dhṛta-añjali-puṭāḥ—with hands touched to the head    SB 4.7.23
  dhṛta-bhagavat-vrataḥ—having accepted the vow to serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.7.13
  dhṛta-daṇḍāya—unto the immediate chastiser    SB 3.14.35
  dhṛta-eka-garbha—who conceive one child    SB 5.17.12
  dhṛta-haya—controlling the horses    SB 1.9.39
  dhṛta-iṣudhiḥ—taking a quiver of arrows    SB 8.15.8-9
  dhṛta-maṇi-gaṇam—because of being decorated with valuable jewels    SB 10.8.30
  dhṛta-maunāḥ—completely silent.    Madhya 24.178
  dhṛta-rūpāya—in the form of Varāha    SB 3.19.13
  dhṛta-vidyā—having taken to education    SB 4.2.26
  dhṛta-vrataiḥ—by qualified brāhmaṇas.    SB 4.13.27
  dhṛta-vratam—completely dedicated to a vow    SB 4.1.42
  dhṛta-vrataḥ—fixed in spiritual qualities    SB 1.5.13
  dhṛta-vrataḥ—taken to a vow.    SB 3.14.1
  dhṛta-vrataḥ—fixed in the execution of the Vedic injunctions    SB 6.1.56-57
  dhṛta-vratena—under a strict disciplinary vow    SB 1.4.28-29
  dhṛta-vrateṣu—one who is engaged in the performance of sacrifice.    SB 4.7.13
  dhṛta-vratā asi—you have undertaken sacred vows    SB 3.24.3
  dhṛta-vratām—taken to vows    SB 4.28.32
  dhṛta-vratāḥ—taking it as a vow.    SB 4.6.44
  dhṛta-vratāḥ—accepted vows    SB 6.5.25
  dhṛta-vratāḥ—fixed in vows    SB 8.1.22
  dhṛta-vratāḥ—with vows of determination.    SB 9.9.13
  dhṛta-vratāya—unto one who has taken such a vow.    SB 3.8.7
  dhṛta-ātmabhiḥ—by persons able to control the mind    SB 10.12.12
  dhṛta-ātmanām—of persons who are self-realized.    SB 10.1.58
  pratyak-dhṛta-akṣa—eyes settled for introspection    SB 3.8.4
  sūtra-dhṛta—taking the aphorisms    Adi 8.47

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