Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhrk

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhrk

  tri-sakti-dhrk—the controller of the three modes of material nature.    Madhya 20.318, Madhya 21.37
  baka-rupa-dhrk—assumed the bodily shape of a big duck    SB 10.11.48
  sata-parva-dhrk—the controller of the thunderbolt (Indra).    SB 3.14.41
  cihna-dhrk—decorated like    SB 1.16.5
  danda-dhrk—the ruler who holds the scepter    SB 4.21.12
  dharma-rupa-dhrk—assuming the form of religious principles    SB 2.10.42
  pati-rupa-dhrk—in the form of the husband.    SB 6.18.33-34
  pratirupa-dhrk—tangible example.    SB 7.10.21
  rupa-dhrk—by accepting visible forms    SB 2.10.36
  rupa-dhrk—possessing the form (of his original Gandharva position)    SB 8.4.3-4
  siddha-svarupa-dhrk—assuming the form of liberated persons like Sanaka and Sanatana    SB 8.14.8
  svarupa-dhrk—accepting the form    SB 4.1.4
  tri-sakti-dhrk—the controller of three energies.    SB 2.6.32
  visnu-sakti-dhrk—being empowered by Lord Visnu    SB 9.7.3
  vrsa-rupa-dhrk—in the disguise of a bull    SB 1.17.22
  vamana-rupa-dhrk—appearing as Lord Vamana.    SB 8.13.6
  yoga-isa-rupa-dhrk—by assuming the form of a great yogi like Dattatreya.    SB 8.14.8