Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhiyah

  dhiyaḥ—the intelligence    SB 3.26.71, SB 4.24.71
  dhiyaḥ—intelligence    SB 4.24.79, SB 7.4.22-23
  dhiyaḥ—of the intelligence.    SB 7.7.28, Madhya 24.217
  dhiyaḥ—whose minds    Madhya 8.224, Madhya 9.123
  dhiyaḥ—by intelligence    SB 3.2.14
  dhiyaḥ—minds    SB 3.15.17
  dhiyaḥ—those who are thinking    SB 4.6.47
  dhiyaḥ—of such intelligence    SB 4.7.27
  dhiyaḥ—the minds.    SB 4.16.2
  dhiyaḥ—thinking of Him    SB 4.21.25
  dhiyaḥ—mind    SB-4.21.31
  dhiyaḥ—senses for gathering knowledge    SB 5.11.9
  dhiyaḥ—and intelligence    SB 6.16.24
  dhiyaḥ—generally    SB 8.24.6
  dhiyaḥ—with such feelings    SB 10.7.25
  dhiyaḥ—whose understanding    Madhya 19.202
  adūṣita-dhiyaḥ—whose intelligence was not as polluted (as that of their fathers)    SB 7.5.56-57
  aindriye dhiyaḥ—whose minds are absorbed in thoughts of superior sense gratification    SB 5.18.22
  apṛthak-dhiyaḥ—who do not consider distinctions    SB 6.16.43
  dīna-dhiyaḥ—who were less intelligent    SB 8.2.28
  dhūmra-dhiyaḥ—the less intelligent class of men    SB 4.29.48
  eka-dhiyaḥ—voting unanimously    SB 10.11.30
  hata-dhiyaḥ—bereft of memory    SB 3.9.7
  jaḍa-dhiyaḥ—dull-minded, possessing blunt intelligence    SB 9.10.14
  klinna-dhiyaḥ—with melted hearts    SB 9.11.5
  kāma-dhiyaḥ—desires for sense gratification    SB 6.16.39
  mūḍha-dhiyaḥ—unintelligent    SB 3.20.37
  mūḍha-dhiyaḥ—foolish    SB 4.2.29
  mūḍha-dhiyaḥ—who am very foolish (due to having no spiritual knowledge)    SB 6.15.16
  nyasta-dhiyaḥ—one who has given his mind unto Him    SB 1.10.11-12
  prajā-sarga-dhiyaḥ—who were under the impression that begetting children was the most important duty    SB 6.5.29
  sanna-dhiyaḥ—depressed    SB 3.17.25
  spṛṣṭa-dhiyaḥ—bewildered    SB 4.6.48
  su-dhiyaḥ—the most intelligent persons    SB 4.20.3
  su-dhiyaḥ—those whose intelligence is sharp    SB 6.3.26
  tamaḥ-dhiyaḥ—persons in the lowest material modes    SB 1.10.25
  upahata-dhiyaḥ—whose pure consciousness is destroyed    SB 5.6.10
  vikṣipta-indriya-dhiyaḥ—whose senses, mind and intelligence are always agitated because of material conditions    SB 9.9.46
  vismita-dhiyaḥ—whose minds were struck with wonder    SB 6.3.34

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