Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhirah

  dhirah—sober    SB 4.29.82, SB 9.21.14, NoI 1
  dhirah—self-controlled    SB 1.19.17, SB 2.1.16
  dhirah—the sober    Bg 2.13
  dhirah—steadily    Bg 14.22-25
  dhirah—undisturbed    SB 1.13.26
  dhirah—the pacified    SB 2.1.20
  dhirah—the fully satisfied    SB 2.2.16
  dhirah—sober, not disturbed    SB 3.24.44
  dhirah—steady    SB 3.27.28-29
  dhirah—steadfast    SB 3.31.47
  dhirah—(he can become) a most perfect, sober person.    SB 7.9.45
  dhirah—the most learned person, Maharaja Ambarisa    SB 9.5.26
  dhirah—one who is sober because of advanced devotional service    Antya 5.48
  dhirah—self-controlled    SB 1.18.22
  dhirah—the pacified    SB 3.5.42
  dhirah—pacified    SB 3.5.47
  dhirah—those who are self-realized    SB 3.11.17
  dhirah—the learned    SB 3.15.33
  dhirah—intelligent    SB 3.32.5
  dhirah—great saintly persons    SB 4.9.52
  dhirah—controlled    SB 4.22.12
  dhirah—those who are sober    SB 6.1.13-14
  dhirah—those who are sober and most intelligent    SB 7.9.54
  dhirah—persons who are sober, undisturbed by material agitation.    SB 8.5.29
  dhirah—the most sober    SB 8.16.36
  dhirah—those who are sober and intelligent    SB 9.19.2

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